This Arctic Underground Lab Has All Your Seeds

On an island halfway between North Pole and Norway, the disaster-impenetrable Svalbard Global Seed Vault contains seed samples from all over the world, each in a very special safety deposit box. Let’s hope we’ll never need them.

This is Steve Rowell’s video portrait of the place, In the Best of All Possible Worlds. Let the scientists tell you why we need 700,000 seed samples, how the worldwide agricultural system needs to be restructured and fortified or we’re heading towards destruction and starvation, perhaps… Well, he sounds much calmer than that. Must be the calming bawling gusts of snow blowing across the frozen arctic lands, all post-Apocalyptic-like. Or something.

Artists artists Signe Liden, Annesofie Norn, and Steve Rowell travelled to the seedbank in 2010. Their photos and audio-visuals are now on view at the The Cold Coast Archive: Future Artifacts from the Svalbard Global Seed Vault exhibit at the The Center for PostNatural History in Pittsburgh and on We Make Money Not Art.

(Image: AwsomeSauce)