This Digital Face-Swapping Mirror Will Make You Either Giddy Or Nauseous

05.11.12 Marina Galperina

Faces by Arturo Castro & Kyle McDonald is a live digital mirror. Using advanced face recognition technology, it locks into your features and swaps them out for Scarlett Johansson’s, Bill Clinton’s, or Michael Jackson’s, and so forth. Here’s a demonstration of this funhouse mirror 2.0 from last night’s opening of Eyebeam Gallery’s WIRED FRAMES exhibit. It’s pretty incredible.

Custom openFrameworks software makes this virtual mask work. The response to expressions is uncanny. Welcome to the new age of portraiture.

More to see at: “Wired Frames,” Arturo Castro, James George, Kyle McDonald, Jonathan Minard, and Alexander Porter, May 11 – May 17, Eyebeam Gallery, New York