Our friends at Evolver.fm point to this video in which music technologist Ryan Callinor uses a device he rigged up himself to control the tempo of “Call Me Maybe” using his heart beat. The song starts slow and syrupy, and as Callinor does jumping-jacks until Carly Rae’s voice sounds like an Alvin-and-the-Chipmunks chirp.

Basically, a device monitoring Callinor’s heart rate sends wireless signals to a watch with a webcam duct-taped to it, which then sends information to a computer running the music programming software Max/MSP. “Heart Beats continually modifies the tempo of your music to match your heart rate,” writes Callinor. “Hopefully this won’t result in a positive feedback system that gives the user a heart attack.”

We also hope Callinor picks a different song next time than time demos one of his hacks, or at least keeps up to date with the latest in meme-y pop songs–Gangnam Style, anyone?