This Guy’s Offering $2,000 For The Return Of His iPhone

08.14.12 Andy Cush

Nick Siae in a Los Angeles-based rock musician who lost his iPhone in the back of a cab on a recent trip to New York City–unfortunate, to be sure, but a situation many people are all too familiar with. Most of us would probably work for a while to get the phone back, then chalk it up to a loss and move on after a few unsuccessful days.

Not Siae.

As a songwriter, Siae often records demos to his phone on the fly, whenever inspiration strikes. He estimates he had 100-200 such sketches saved on the phone, and he’s aching to get them back. “It’s songs that I wrote in the moment, not like something I’m working on for a while and writing it down,” he told ANIMAL. “A lot of times for me, great songs are like shooting stars. You look up, like ‘whoa,’ and then it’s out of you.” Just how much are those shooting stars worth to Siae? He’s offering a handsome $2,000 reward for the iPhone’s safe return.

Siae was pulling into a tow pound when he realized the phone was missing–“some idiot” told him he could park in an illegal spot, he says–and when he called the phone, an “Asian chick with a thick accent” named Namoi picked up and agreed to return it in exchange for $200. Unfortunately, Naomi stopped picking up the phone after Siae drove to 25th Street and 6th Avenue, where she lives, and Siae hasn’t been able to reach her since.

The desperate musician extended his stay in NYC for a few days, plastering posters all over the area where the woman lives. If you do happen across the phone–it’s a white 4S with a few nicks on the top and a gdgt case–or if you’re Naomi and you’ve had it all along, Siae can be reached at (310) 248-0888 or lustandlovenow@gmail.com.