This Interactive Artwork For The Blind Sounds Amazing

06.15.12 Marina Galperina

Artist James Bulley has created the Braille equivalent of a sensory soundboard. By moving their fingers over the raised surface’s Braile score, “the user generates the composition, hearing the fragments of notation combining and recombining as they read them.” Just listen.

Score Study II is the newest work Bulley’s Tactus series for the blind, as in “tactile.” It’s essentially an electronic, sampling harp. The Creator’s Project explains: “The piece explores the idea of haptic, sound-creating surfaces and shows how this medium could be used not just for art, but also as a communicative tool for the blind and visually impaired.” We say, “Cool. So cool.”

“Score Study II,” James Bulley, London Printworks Trust, Brixton, London (9-15 February 2012)