“Oh, wow. That’s, like, very deep commentary on the American zeitgeist circa 2012…”

“It’s not art, dude. That’s a real deep-fried gun!”

“Oh… That’s cool.”


Apparently, the Beretta was tossed into a deep fryer at the El Diamante Restaurant in Las Vegas, exploded and fired a shot. 44-year-old Obdulio Gudiel is under suspicion of attempted robbery with the use of a deadly weapon, but says he was misunderstood because he was only at the restaurant on strictly Fuck You, Pay Me! business.

This beautiful specimen which is totally deep commentary on the American zeitgeist circa 2012 appears to have been not just fried, but also battered because Vegas.*

*UPDATE: Damn you, internet! Thanks to Adrien Chen, we just found out that the deep-fried gun above is battered because it is actually an art by Mirko Credito. And this is another art — a game controller. Deep… fried.