Come December, the patrons of Art Basel Miami Beach will be mixing their booze into an all new kind of lemonade — the kind with scowling artist Richard Prince festooning the can. Apparently, the artist approached AriZona himself for the collaboration and came up with this flavor himself — “lemonade with a slight carbonation.” 

Aside from conjuring his inner weak lemon fizz, Prince also designed the can: a mash-up of his most I’m-in-a-very-underground-proto-noise-punk-band-iest portraits and his signature art — the nurse paintings, joke paintings, the appropriated cowboy and a skully remix of the Playboy logo, be careful be careful be careful.

Ostentatious self-aggrandizing? Yes. Utterly bizarre? Yes. Kind of ridiculously awesome? Uh, yeah. Also, it’s a $600 trashcan with spots on it. That also gives it some points.