Not only is this man really a tree, he is petitioning the Russian government to have his gender legally changed to neutral, because he’s a tree. He preaches in public areas of Arhangelsk in the nude, because he’s a tree. He climbs Soviet monuments and roosts atop the town’s big holiday pine sometimes. He stickers everything in town with his tree-man logo sticker. He rides around in a DIY snowmobile-sled wearing only a g-string and a green embroidered Pope hat with a blinking police siren. They call him, Drevark-Prosvetitelniy, roughly translated to Druid the Enlightened. Why, hello.

Drevark is part of his own political movement and stands mostly for planting many many trees. However, he is largely a being of unclassifiable political/artistic/psychiatric affiliation and a local celebrity. There he goes.

He legally changes his name every 10 days or so, having adopted both Putin and Medvedev’s full names and various mystical aliases. He lives off and pays for his sticker campaign from local donations. People invite him to dinner. Even the mayor. He’s ran for a office a few times. He also appears to be happily married for the third time and has kids. You go, tree! (Story/Photos: Sergey Muhamedov/LiveJournal)