This Slow Motion Dancehall Queen Style Butt Shaking Is Glorious

06.22.12 Marina Galperina

Icelandic filmmaker Miikka Lommi presents this vision of fashionable ladies performing glorious ass gyrations. Very slow-like. With an anthemic, classical piano score to compliment the slow rippling, undulations and impressive acrobatic feats. Very, very slow-like. Enjoy.

“Dancehall Queen Style is a Jamaican dance fashion which became popular in the 1990s through music videos and The Grind show on MTV. The video is a playful take on the dancehall culture with its provocative costumes, suggestive poses, roles and blatant sexuality.

Originally GRIND was made for Art gallery/-museum KIASMA and exhibition ‘Thank you for the music’ 2012.”

Watch out for the kaleidoscopic effects…especially when the mirror-effect split at the crack mysteriously kicks in in the beginning, giving the illusion of infinite butt being manifested into space from another glorious butt dimension. Or the really Cyriak proportions of butt-leg-arachnid-esque kaleidoscopy. Maybe that’s a tinge much, ‘k? Still. Cool.