We can’t get enough of our new neighbor, the shuttle Enterprise which was recently set atop the USS Intrepid. ANIMAL’s own Joshua Rivera caught the big move from our end, but when you can’t get enough, you can’t get enough. James Shanks caught the spectacle from his side of the Hudson River at the Weehawken Waterfront Park in New Jersey. Not only does he capture the gigantic crane lifting the Enterprise out of the water and onto the back of the WWII air carrier, (which is unreal), he also has the crane and then the shuttle making their way down the river toward the shuttle’s new home. These things are behemoth, they are titans of industry. But all sped up like this, they look really cute. Almost like toys.

And if you squint, you might be able to make out Joshua standing on the deck of USS Intrepid for four-and-a-half hours without a book.