Timelapse and Tilt-Shift New York: Ahhh

I was all but determined to be grumpy for the rest of the day as a result of my failed trip to the pool this morning, when I came across this almost unbearably chill film by Barak Karabin. Combining elements of both timelapse and tilt-shift filming techniques and what has to be a go-pro camera, this little tour of the boroughs is just really, really pretty. Combined with the dreamy, spaced-out music, it’s enough to take your mind off the worst of sunburns. Even the people waiting in line look like waves on some serene pond.

Though I would be loathe to pressure any of you peers into drugs, I might gently suggest a nice long toke before the killer sunset at the end. (But don’t close your eyes or you might miss the lightening at 04:43.) Relax, everyone. It’s Thursday afternoon.