I was watching this timelapse video of Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park (have you noticed we really, really like timelapse videos?) and something caught my eye. Does anyone know what that floating glowing box under the Brooklyn Bridge is? It looks like a performance space barge or something. It’s possible it’s just some angle of the South Street Sea Port I’ve never seen, but it looks really cool, and I want to check it out. And also, this film is really gorgeous. Saturday was stunning, and this timelapse really well captures the purple sunset. Filmmaker Ben O’Brien Smith says it was his first attempt at making a timelapse video, but the wide angle shots with the Brooklyn Bridge on the left and the Manhattan Bridge on the right and the clouds zooming across the sky look really pro.

Update! Not only have a couple vigilant ANIMAL readers identified the glowing box, they say it’s Jane’s Carousel, which I happen to find really fitting. So see you guys there.