Remember last summer when the New York Post let their resident curmudgeon, Steve Cuozzo, loose on Times Square and he “reported” that the bike lanes and pedestrian plazas were killing businesses north of 47th Street? Well, a new study pretty much refutes him entirely and finds that the area has become what the New York Times describes as “a magnet for commerce as well as tourists. And get this, the economic uptick extends all the way to 53rd Street or five blocks past Cuozzo’s so called “murder” zone:

The Times Square district directly and indirectly contributes one-tenth of all of the jobs in the city and $1 of every $9 of economic activity, says the study, which was commissioned by the Times Square Alliance, the de facto chamber of commerce for the district. That amounts to $110 billion in annual economic activity — about equal to the output of Portland, Ore. — emanating from the district, which the report defines as roughly a block on each side of Broadway between 40th and 53rd Streets.

(Photo: Molly Dilworth/flickr)