Aelita Andre–that one little child artist who surprisingly did not fill me with seething skepticism–is all grown up and back for her second show at Agora Gallery.

Journalists checked up on the Canadian lil one and her “Abstract Expressionist-influenced” studio and there was no sign of child abuse. Guess she could be an art prodigy, if being art prodigy is flitting around in a tutu sprinkling glitter over canvas in slow motion. She’s adorable. Admit it.

“I love painting. I’m going to paint for 24 hours,” she says. Adorabababababable.

But has the star already began set on her precocious art career? Her work was previously selling for up to $30,000 a pop. Now, her pieces are priced at $4,600 to $12,900. They only want you when you’re two, when you’re five you’re no fun? Sigh.