His dog snuff film went completely unmentioned in this New York Times blog post announcing that signature Tom Otterness sculptures have been removed from the Hilton Hotel facade in West 42nd and 41st Streets.

The sculptures Time Is Money, Rich Male Pushing Clock, Dancing Couple on Moneybag, Male Tourist With Suitcases and Female Cop With Flashlight are currently in storage while the Hotel is renovated and they are not coming back. A bright arrangement of LED nodes and fancy modern whatnot is going up instead. The satirical, bronze, round-bodied sculptures are currently looking for a new home at a public institution, “like a high school.”

I’m sorry I mentioned his college dog snuff art film again, and he has apologized and is recently still suffering for it. It was going to die anyway, right? No, actually, I’m not sorry so much.

(Photo: Wally Gobetz/Flickr)