This Art Makes Music When You Pet It

The surreal installation by New York-based multi-media artist Aaron Sherwood Firewall is a highly interactive piece that’s just begging to be petted. Why? The spandex fabric responds to your touch with varying levels of music and light patterns like some kind of musical Furby on ecstasy.

Using an Xbox kinect’s depth perception, “Firewall” analyzes the movements of your hand and plays back audio and visual elements with a corresponding intensity.

At the ANIMAL office, we decided it looks quite a bit like a 3D replica of the ubiquitous “Unknown Pleasures” album cover, in an awesome way. It would be sort of awesome if when you strum it, it cranks out some melancholy sounds of Ian Curtis vocals and grunts.

The installation is part of an upcoming performance in which dancers will interact with the piece on one side while the audience views the result from the other, apparently representing “a metaphoric barrier between life and death.”

We would now like to restate our aforementioned point about Ian Curtis. Thank you.