I hope you’re not busy right now, ’cause you’re probably going to want to grab some snacks and settle into this beautiful short documentary about New York City. It’s sort of inaccurate to classify this as a “Tourist Eye View,” as the film is exhaustively researched, impeccably produced, and way, way more than a documentation of a trip to New York. Bertrand Guez, who is based in D.C., made this “documentary-essay” about New York City by interviewing three New Yorkers with wildly disperate perspectives on the city: an improvisational cellist┬ábassist from France, a taxi driver determined to ride in style, and an architect looking down on Manhattan from above.

Each of these men has a unique point of view. Among my favorite moments is when Francois, “Frenetic Fingers,” says of his move to New York in the mid-90s, “I came here to visit and after a few days, I decided this is where I’ll live for the rest of my life.” (It’s also really neat when he “answers” a passing boat, the subway, a plane taking off.) New York is one of the few cities in the world that inspires these kinds of long-winded, eloquent odes, from both transplants and natives. And I’m so happy that people like Guez put forth the effort to compose them.