“This is an experiment,” says Harvey Miedreich in the description of his video documenting a trip to New York the way one might advertise a new nightlife destination or, I don’t know, a pair of exceedingly stylish shoes. “Perfect for day-to-night wear!” or something. In any event, the video is one of those ecstatic, corybantic celebrations of the infinite different New York Cities that are happening at any given moment in New York City that I can’t seem to get enough of. A tourist video through and through (Central Park, Times Square factor heavily), Miedreich manages to capture the peripheral moments of the city: a carriage horse drinking water, the smiley face on a set of stairs down to the subway, a man in Washington Square Park making the biggest bubbles I’ve ever seen, the Williamsburg Bridge from below. The whole video gives the impression of a man falling in love with a new city. I’m not sure what the experiment was, but I think maybe it was a success. Eureka!