This charming tourist video begins with some grainy, washed-out footage of one woman on the beach in Coney Island, accompanied by a cryptic monologue about a broadway actress in 1973. Shortly thereafter, though, it ditches the nostalgic ambiguousness and launches straight into a filmic journal of a handful of twentysomethings on a weekend getaway in the city.

Though most of what they cover is pretty well-worn tourist material–the gang hits Washington Square Park, Times Square, and Chinatown–there’s a contagious sense of joy our videographer takes in documenting this city. Shots of landmarks and street performers are interspersed with small, personal moments–peep the bespectacled girl hula-hooping in an apartment kitchen about halfway through.¬†At nearly five minutes, the video runs a little long, but the beautiful closing shots of Chinatown at night are worth the wait.