Some mornings it’s hard to believe there’s any beauty on the subway. The elbow in your ear or the tear-inducing smells likely take more of your attention than the charming mosaics and little sculptures sprinkled throughout the underground system. For those grumps among you, I bring you Philadelphia-based Tim Sessler’s and Brandon Bloch’s efficient and lovely video tour of some of the best art beneath your feet. Sessler and Bloch really have the bases covered. There’s visual art (Tom Otterness’s little creatures at 8th Avenue, the dioramas at the Times Square station, the countless mosaic installations), performance art (a young man’s acrobatic feats on a subway pole), music (buskers galore), some Arbus-esque character portraits (wide-eyed mutant commuters) and even some accidental subway art in the form of trash, refuse, and straphangers solemnly waiting for the train. It’s enough to make you want to get back on the train. Almost.