And now, the literary world makes its foray into Twitter.

The first ever Official Twitter Fiction Festival which commenced last night, featuring two dozen well-established and beginner writers, handpicked by a panel of “American publishing insiders.” The festival participants come from international backgrounds, writing in five different languages.

This isn’t a bunch of wannabes posting self-referential angsty tweets Girls style either. Iowa-based writer Jennifer Wilson is writing flash fiction inspired by follower generated epigraphs for gravestones she photographs and posts, while South African author Lauren Beukes is writing mashups, based on “incongruous suggestions.” French fantasy novelist Fabrice Colin is working on a series about strangers trapped on a bus, not to mention the appropriately anonymous Chinese author writing a piece titles “Censortive,” a narrative focused on free speech in the People’s Republic.

The unorthodox five day festival ends Sunday December 2nd, and will include in a live event on saturday at the New York Public Library. So next time an authoritative figure who teaches English claims that internet makes you dumber, you’ll have something to say.