The “glow-in-the-dark” water at a Brooklyn rave left two Bronx teenagers blinded, according to a recent lawsuit. The party, dubbed “Return to Bubble Kingdom,” happened at a Sunset Park warehouse venue called “The Hangar,” and featured chemically-altered water designed to reflect blacklights, according to the suit. Rocio Marie Cabrera and Sarah Deodath, both 19, allegedly suffered permanent vision damage after they “ingested and/or absorbed dangerous, hazardous and/or toxic chemicals resulting in severe and debilitating injuries to their eyes.”

Only “greedy” promoters “would lace a pool with chemical toxins and invite people in to swim in that chemical soup and charge them,” said Keith Sullivan, the lawyer representing the two women. A spokesperson for Unicorn Meat NYC said the promoter was unaware of the suit.

(Image: Unicorn Meat)