Ukrainian High School Graduate’s Racy Lacy Dress Ruins Everything

05.28.12 Marina Galperina

It’s the end of the graduation season in Russia and it is marked by several traditions strange, one of them includes hordes of schoolgirls jumping into public fountain while wearing ridiculous maid-like uniforms. This season, it’s Russian-speaking internet-wide shaming of an honor student who wore this dress.

Perhaps it is because the seasonal Last Bell dunk is now discouraged and public fountains are guarded, but the void of those creepy yearly galleries had to be replaced with something. Meet Anastasia, the saucy scapegoat.

It’s been a few days since Anastasia strutted in her version of Dolce & Gabbana that she probably saw that pop star wear, and yet, Russian/Ukrainian/ex-Soviet-etc news shows continue to devote entire segments to the “incident” and “the dress that would only be appropriate for a very different occasion” and “the action has become infamous across the entire Russian speaking internet,” and the backlash of which apparently sent Nastya’s mom to the emergency room with heart problems.

And now, it is time to interview known designers and social experts, who chortle over exactly where seventeen-year-old Nastya’s dress went from being acceptably high fashion translucent to trashy (somewhere right above the knees). Must be some slow news days.