In broad daylight, Prague’s intervention artists Vladimir Turner and Ondřej Mladý descended on a concrete alcove of bombed-out bridge, buffed it white, installed some hanging fluorescent lights and ta-da!  It’s “a gallery.” It’s also a “Fuck You!” to gallery-legitimized street art.

It looks rather surreal and silly, glowing so clean above a highway, doesn’t it? A bit out of context, isn’t it?

So is street art inside a gallery — so say Turner and Mladý. Street art is location specific. Divorced from its natural environment, it’s no longer “street art” but merely “visual spectacle.” So “fuck” to the “glorified” notion of what is art, fuck “mindless popularization of street art,” fuck the “superficiality” of “corrupt official institutions.”

Or that’s what we gather from mangling together some translations. The concept is fairly universe though, and what a killer way to strut it…