Teenaged auxiliary policeman Anthony Harriott thought he made the bust of his short career when he caught a Brownsville bodega owner selling him Smirnoff Ice. The only problem? That Ismael Duran, the bodega owner, didn’t actually sell the underage rent-a-cop anything–in fact, security footage clearly shows Duran checking Harriott’s ID and turning him away. Now, the Harriott is in hot water for making the false accusation.

Harriott was arrested and arraigned Tuesday for two felonies and a misdemeanor official misconduct charge, and Duran, who originally plead guilty to selling the booze, is now being cleared in light of the security footage. Duran’s attorney, Kevin Faga, says he’s planning on filing a lawsuit against the city. “The police did lousy police work,” he said. “How could they not know they were being taped?”

(Photo: Fernando Ariotti/Flickr)