This may not be news to any gun aficionados, but for those of you who don’t spend most of your days memorizing acronyms like GSR, LEDS and GSW — interesting things happen to bullets when you shoot them under water. Due to water’s high density, when you fire a gun under water the steel bullets rapidly change shape upon collision. Firearm expert Andrew Tuohy has found not so subtle beauty in that very process. Tuohy is a former FMF corpseman and web-mastermind behind Vuurwapen Blog, a blog focused on expert firearm reviews online. After demonstrating slo-mo underwater shooting, Tuohy collected the leftover jacketed hollow point bullets, which transformed into the floral shapes seen above. Taking it a step further, Tuohy embellished the floral bullet remnants with precious gems creating pretty intricate designs. Hippies could have really used this for a meta project 50 years ago.