Welcome to life after #seapunkgate. It’s retro as hell.

I know you’ve all been wondering what soft-rave-culture-bringer-backer-yet-again-er Unicorn Kid would do with his next video, having both reluctantly founded and sounded the deathknell of so-called “seapunk” after Rihanna and Azealia Banks simultaneously did some mainstream shit with old tropical net-arty CGI…

So here it is — Feel So Real, the video. It’s Hackers (or perhaps, purple-frosted Matrix?) meets Night Watch with a little bit of Fight Club at the end. Cult-y. It also features.. iMacs! And halos of compact discs. Also, very very old cellphones! Ancient technology which apparently is actually able to cause massive disturbances of some sort, powerful enough to knock out electricity for blocks. BLOCKS!

So, terrorism. That’s the next thingie. Get on it, RiRi!

No dancing was involved in the writing this blog post. None. Shh.