“They smell like wild piss,” screamed a lanky skateboarder last night at the large crowds that had assembled on the steps as part of Occupy Wall Street in Union Square. “What are ya’ll still doing here?” A pair of BMX riders had a little more sympathy, saying the message of the movement is ultimately a good thing even if it means a little less room at the highly active public space. Another BMXer wasn’t nearly as accommodating. Unlike Liberty Plaza, Union Square has always been a buzzing hub of activity where rappers, artists, junkies, skaters, cyclists, and chess players congregate daily, the latter of whom we’re also split on occupy. “We are chess players, we don’t pay them no mind. We’ll still be here long after they’re gone,” chimed a stout middle-aged man as he waited for a challenger. “It’s a good message. What they’re saying is right, even if the way they go about it isn’t,” said another chess player.