We’ve all chased a few rainbows. But there’s at least one little lad who found a pot o’ gold—and then left it behind.

According to Lottery Post, the largest unclaimed winning ticket in New York is for $250,150, which sold on December 6, 2011 at a Quick Stop convenience store in Maspeth, Queens. The store’s clerk, called Ali Alsukimi, said a “short Irish man” purchased the winning ticket. While Alsukimi heard through the grapevine that Anonymous McSmalls had not only cashed, but already spent all of his prize money, New York Lottery officials say no one has come forward to claim the considerable chunk of change.

Apparently, a lot of Gotham citizens are unlucky in luck: the total amount of unclaimed New York Lottery winnings was $37.6 million last year. That means roughly 250 people won some dough and then were either too incompetent or too lazy to collect it.

And all that money goes back to the lotto—and, probably, into financing creepy ads on the subway featuring big-headed, blue-suited goons in glasses. You know the ones. (Image: Maura/Flickr)