The Upper West side is a pretty nice place, if you can avoid all the rats. Evidently, there’s a pretty serious rat infestation taking place for a few months now, and Community Board Seven organized a training session for supers, building owners, tenants, and other concerned Upper West Siders on how to better fight the critters off. Tuesday night, it held an evening of higher education dubbed “Rat Academy” for interested students, instructed by a City Health Department official, Caroline Bragdon. “The key for rat management for us is all garbage must be contained in a can with a tight-fitting lid,” said rat professor Bragdon, which may seem a little obvious, but she also touched on topics like where to look for rats’ nests, and how to plug gaps that might let a furry vermin into your building. But rats or no rats, it’s still the Upper West Side: Councilwoman Gale A. Brewer was able to squirrel (rat?) away $50,000.00 towards state-of-the-art trash cans with built-in compactors. Sucks for you, rats. (Photo: Salim Virji/Flickr)