Urban Exploring a Russian Rocket Plant

01.03.12 Marina Galperina

A Muscovite friend once told me that had my adventure in the underground tunnels taken place in Russia, I would have likely been shot by the cops as a suspected terrorist. Yet, here she is, blogger Lana Saltor, urban exploring to the extreme: These are the photos she took at an unguarded strategic military rocket motor factory near Moscow. Thatta girl.

Lana and her friends found the Energomash Plant, climbed its outdoor ladders, crawled through narrow pipes, frolicked in the engine-fuel testing tower, schlepped through puddles up rusty stairs, mocked the decrepit-looking gauges, ran about in the control room and took panoramic victory shots from the factory room, encountering not one single guard… not one soul in general.

Putin was right. You’re all foreign spies!

Russian officials are very, very pissed. See more photos here, along with triumphant updates wherein Lana posts the threatening letters sent to her from the government, post-breach, instructing her to “not make [her] situation worse.”