Italian artist Olivo Barbieri’s Site Specific series seems to work best for Las Vegas, tilt-shifting the landscape, the desert mountains and the “Sphinx” until into miniatures. See it and more tonight at the “Fake Empire” group exhibit opens tonight at New York’s Mixed Greens Gallery, feature Olivo Barbieri’s Site Specific series.

There’s a KFC at the base of the real Sphinx in the Giza Plateau, you know? “Fake Empire,” curated by Lee Stoetzel showcases the bizarre rituals of tourism and its exploitation of historical sites…like building a KFC at the base of the Sphinx. Olivo Barbieri “foreshortened aerial perspectives of famous monuments and recognizable skylines” downsizes the city into a table-top model, so tiny and fake, that you could play Godzilla with it and squash the tourist hive and its wobbling little trinket-buying, Celine Dion-worshiping, casino salad bar-gorging ant people, rah rah sma-a-ash. “Fake Empire,” Various Artists, Jun 8 – Jul 6, Mixed Greens, NYC