Video(s) of NYPD Shutting Down Occupy Wall Street

03.18.12 Bucky Turco

A little after 11:30PM, on the sixth month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement and with about 700 people present, an officer in a white shirt announced on his bullhorn that Brookfield Properties needs to “clean the park” and therefore Liberty Plaza is now “closed.” He said that anyone remaining there will be arrested for trespassing. And then the police moved in to make mass arrests. Here’s some raw video of the moment the NYPD entered from the east side of the plaza and started clearing out demonstrators. There’s more footage below of cops swarming protester Cecily McMillan after a witness says she elbowed an officer in the face while he attempted to take her into custody.

She has also been identified as the person who appeared to have a seizure later while in cuffs, causing severe consternation with the crowd. It took over ten minutes for FDNY paramedics to treat her.

Video of NYPD clearing out protesters Some photos that I snapped as well:

Police raiding Liberty Plaza.

Police line up arrested protesters on the sidewalk.
(Photos/Videos: ANIMALNewYork)