Good morning, New York. Now that we’re just past halfway through June, or the noon of the calendar year, it seems like a pretty good time to watch all four seasons blur into each other in five minutes.This Brooklynite set up a camera and apparently didn’t move it at all for an entire year. The camera is trained on an elementary school—which I swear didn’t seem creepy at all until I just typed that sentence—so prepare yourself for some screaming children swarming the blacktop in the autumn, spring, and at the end of summer.

I have a few trees outside my bedroom window, and one of my small delights is watching the seasons affect my personal view. This guy has a veritable forest to observe the passing seasons, nevermind the gorgeous brick schoolhouse just beyond them. Watch as summer dissolves into fall, fall hardens into a beautiful bricked winter, winter melts into spring, and spring explode into summer again. Sharp listeners will hear what sounds like a graduation speech toward the end. All in all, a good looking year. Bring on 2013.