Vincent van Gogh Was Colorblind, Yeah, Sure, Ok

Science: Still a van Gogh fan boy. They’ve tried to genetically replicate the sunflower seeds from Vincent’s Sunflowers. They’ve investigated his “mu-u-urder” most foul. Now, Japanese medical scientist and poet Kazunori Asada insists that the reason Vinny painted such vivid, clashing, incongruent colors was because he couldn’t see the fuck he was doing. Amazing.

Using a special immersive simulator of various strains of colorblindness, Kazunori found one that made the paintings look “right” through a filter. “Each picture had changed into one of brilliance with very delicate lines and shades,” he said. Seems like van Gogh had a little trouble with the color red. Also, the Fauvist were all colorblind and every surrealist is insane.

That looks “right,” and much “better.” Right?