Vodka Company Pulls Ad That Was Ready-Made for Controversy

A billboard for a cheap vodka brand was removed by the marketing agency that created it on Wednesday after some Bronx residents got pissed off it served its purpose and was widely reported on. The ad for Wódka, which read “Escort Quality, Hooker Pricing,” was displayed over the Bruckner Expressway, a major artery leading to Hunt’s Point, a neighborhood notorious for its prostitute-riddled streets.

But even grimier than $20 blowjobs was the statement given by the company behind the creative:

“We talked to the community board,” said Brian Gordon, managing partner for the marketing company, MMG. “We wanted to help them out. We’re going to get rid of the billboard and take it down, and we applaud them for what they’re doing in their community.”

Help them out? By taking down the very billboard you put up? (Photo: aolin rollin/flickr)