Try to pretend you’ve got something better to do on August 17th than get in a car with some buddies in matching costumes and burn rubber through a slalom of airplane boneyards and abandoned asylums. Steve Bryant, Brooklyn resident, is bringing his PG Death Race–alternately self-described as “Halloween on wheels” and “ballerhouse tits-out crazytown”– back to the original NY-Montreal destination used when he founded Rental Car Rally in 2008. Each year, the Wacky Races-inspired jaunt has fielded different themed teams from major city to major city: San Francisco to Yuma and NY to Detroit in 2009 and LA to Tombstone, AZ in 2010–you get the idea.

The rules: the route is kept a mystery until race day, when up to 60 costumecrazy teams speed through the starting line (most teams rent cars, but pro racers decorate their own). Teams must hit checkpoints along the way: the website promises “ghost towns, abandoned rollercoasters, drive-by paintballings, bike jousting, and boobs.” It’s not technically a race–winning team has the lowest odometer (and the best costumes) at the finish line. The prize: a golden gas pump. Sign up TODAY–179$ for an entry-level ticket, which includes a pre-party, post-party, and bag of swag (but no gas money). Not guaranteed: incarceration and/or eternal glory.

(Photo: Rental Car Rally/Facebook)