A little while back, a bunch of Redditors from New York made a short film based on a popular horror meme/character called “Slenderman,” a tall, faceless man who appears in a dark suit and induces insomnia, amnesia, and sickness in his victims. Now, the film’s done, but they’ve still got their Slenderman puppet around, so they’ve decided to punish him for his sins–by roping him up to a balcony in Astoria, letting Sandy do her worst, and livestreaming the whole ordeal for the internet’s enjoyment.

At the time of this writing, the 10-foot puppet is stoically weathering the storm, and hasn’t suffered any damage yet–watching this guy is a eerily serene counterpoint to the Frankenstorm hysteria that’s taken over much of the media (the worst of Sandy, of course, has yet to come).

Watch the stream here.