Watch Bane Endorse Romney In Front Of Bain Capital

08.30.12 Andy Cush & Aymann Ismail

Liberal community group United NY sent Bane to the steps of Bain Capital this afternoon. Towering at 13 feet tall, the notorious Batman supervillan delivered a shining endorsement of his “old friend and partner in crime,” Mitt Romney. “Please, bow to your future,” the bloated monster announced, after wreaking havoc on the streets of New York. “I am Bain Capital, member of the League of Shadiness, and I stand before you as living proof that corporations are people, just like ‘The Romney’ has said.”

“I say with humility that it is in fact Romney who deserves the name ‘Bane,'” he continued. “For it is he, not I, who will be the bane of your existence.”