You must have seen competitive eating champion Takeru Kobayashi wolf down hot dog after hot dog after hot dog at inhuman speeds, in superhuman volumes, right? But have you seen it… in slow motion?!

ANIMAL had a grand old time at the Art Fag City Wienerfest and Fundraiser and enjoyed Kobayashi’s performance very much, capturing the beauty of the man, the method, the glory… Kobayashi consumed 12 hot dogs in 60 seconds — that’s one hot dog every 5 seconds.

It’s all so beautiful.

Truly one of the highlights of the night, although MC “Jonathan Grossmalerman” introduction of Editorial Director Paddy Johnson with a loopy anecdote of domestic adventures with hookers and blow was pretty good. We gorged on art-themed hot dogs like “the Paul McCarthy pig fucker” while DJ Michael Magnan worked the “DJ hot dog cart” you can see glowing behind Kobayashi. Created by artist Cyril Duval (a.k.a. Item Idem), the cart was hauled all the way from Florida by the Art Fag City team. Also, among the pieces of art auctioned at the event, this beautiful gnome bong water pipe by artist Jesse Edwards. Yey! Wieners.

(Video: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork)