Watch the Cone: Ben of Ben & Jerry’s Stamps Money Out of Politics

10.24.12 Andy Cush

Ben & Jerry’s co-founder and longtime progressive activist Ben Cohen took to Union Square today to spread good vibes, give out free ice cream, and get the money out of American politics. Cohen and his Stamp Stampede brigade were there raising awareness for a Constitutional amendment that would overturn the infamous Citizens United decision, which ushered in the current cash-heavy era of anonymous campaign donations and super PACs (including Mayor Bloomberg’s).

In exchange for a free cone, attendees stamped dollar bills with slogans such as “Not to be used for bribing politicians,” “Stamp money out of politics,” “Corporations are not people; money is not free speech,” and “The system isn’t broken, it’s fixed.”

“It’s using money to get money out of politics,” Cohen told ANIMAL. “Monetary jujitsu.”

(Picture and Edit: Aymann Ismail)