Hurrah! MTV is bringing ArtBreaks back, again. I’ve been waiting for this one to drop…

A few weeks ago at MTV Studios in Times Square where Creative Time and ArtBreaks previewed their latest freshest batch, Amsterdam artist Semâ Bekirovic had some explaining to do. After watching the shiny knife plummet from the sky toward the ground, the horizon flipping wildly in the background, the first question from the audience was, naturally, “Did you find it?”

Yes. Bekirovic was relieved to fish it out of a field, relieved that it “didn’t hit anyone or an expensive car or a sheep.” Talk about artistic risks.

Four of five fresh ones are currently up, harking tentatively back to the ’80s, before music video culture receded into the scenery in favor of teen moms and bee-hived succubi, when Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Richard Prince, and Keith Haring would hang out on MTV and ugh, ugh, I am so there right now, ugh!!!

Of the second new wave, Bekirovic’s is the best one so far, although there’s this one by SSION’s Cody Critcheloe coming that’s very good. Seems like MTV and Creative Time are really hitting this sweet spot between accessible video art and viral video and things that personally appeal to me, who is kind of like an art blogger. Good for them.