The history of western music is, of course, extremely long and extremely complicated. It begins with monks intoning plaintive, monophonic chants in the 10th century, moves through the greats of the classical period, picks up New Orleans jazz and Delta blues, and lands with a thud in 2012, somewhere between witch house and seapunk. To truly understand it, you’d have to take years of classes and listen to hours upon hours of recordings. By the time you’d finished, hundreds more blog-baiting micro-genres would have been born, lived, and died.

Alternately, just watch this three-minute video from New York-based musical pranksters CDZA. It’s a joy! In it, they take pop standard “What A Wonderful World” through 16 genre permutations, from Gregorian chant to dubstep party, seamlessly switching from one to the next without missing a beat. In addition to being a whimsical, wonderful way to start your Friday, it’s also hugely impressive–one wonders how many takes it took to pull off.