Watch This “Vandal” Attack a Picasso With a Bull Stencil

06.19.12 Marina Galperina

Here’s a clip of an artist stenciling over Picasso’s 1929 Woman in a Red Armchair at a Houston, Texas museum, followed by the “bystander” who “accidentally” “captured” the footage for YouTube exclaiming “What the fuck?” It’s on the news! It’s totally not suspiciously set-up-looking or anything!

The art attack went down Wednesday at around 3 p.m. ArtInfo reports that there’s a police investigation on the way. The YouTube video description says this was “In Dedication to the art beast Pablo Picasso”  and venerates the Mexican-American artist Uriel Landeros by name. It also gives a better look at this “Conquista” and a bull stencil.

Hmm. So, how do we rate this? While it lacks the certain joie de vivre flair of that gal who attacked a Clyfford Still with her bare ass nor comes close to the philosophical significance of Istvan Kantor’s anti-establishment antics, it’s got a certain amount of balls, but seems weak on the concept. We give it a “hmmmeh?”