A police department in Victoria, Australia recently began using Instagram as a means to crack down on pot-smoking kids. Australia, apparently, is full of stoned teenagers who can’t help but document and advertise their “transgressions” online. “Anyone who posts images of this nature may find themselves subject to a criminal investigation should there be evidence of possession or cultivation of drugs of dependence or illicit substances,” a spokesman for the department told the Melbourne Herald-Sun. The warning has done little to slow the flood of Australian weed self-shots, though, as a quick Instagram search for #aussiestoners reveals.

Guardian columnist John Harris, who points out the “lunacy” of weed prohibition, has an interesting takeaway. “Therein, I think, lies one of the best arguments for decriminalisation – not just of the use of cannabis, but the whole industry that feeds it,” he writes. “Just imagine: we might thereby separate dope-smoking from the kudos that comes with illegality, convince a few Instagram-posting types that smoking weed is not interesting or sexy in any way, and thereby stop people making such a huge fuss.”

As an illustration of just how many kids post weed pictures on Instagram, it’s worth noting that all of the above images were posted within 15 minutes of each other this morning.

(Images: Instagram)