You’d think visions of unwelcome sodomy and tree bondage would be a turn off to tourists, and yet, a $20 million rafting and outdoor sports industry has boomed along the “Cahulawassee” Chattooga River between Georgia and South Carolina since the release of Deliverance. Because trees so perty.

Yep. People sure love that nature, the river, the foliage and whatnot. As the region celebrates the 40th anniversary of the film that transplants the most terrifying hillbillies of all time into their region, they’ve thrown their first ever Chattooga River Festival. It comes with a discomforting disclaimer, “Under South Carolina law, an agritourism professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in an agritourism activity resulting from an inherent risk associated with the agritourism activity.” Stay off the farms, or da da dum. [Possible banjo solo.]