In 1957, West Side Story was a hip new take on Romeo and Juliet. In 2013, Central Park Tale is slated to be a hip new take on West Side Story. With squirrels. And break dancing. Going beyond the star-crossed lovers angle, Central Park Tale also draws inspiration from the real-life events of 2006, when Peter Cooper Village was sold by Met Life for $5.4 billion. In the world of Tale, this results in hundreds of black squirrels becoming homeless. They move to Central Park, where the grey squirrels, who hate the black squirrels, reign, and you can probably figure out the rest. The head animator of Happy Feet has taken to Kickstarter to raise the $40,000 necessary to create a proof of concept in the hopes of getting the project greenlit. So if star-crossed, break-dancing, hip-hop-singing, Central-Park-dwelling furry little guys are your thing, here’s your chance to contribute.