Sometimes our elected officials make no damn sense.

At this point, it’s very safe to say that Mayor Bloomberg is not a fan of guns. The world-renowned anti-gun enthusiast and co-founder of Mayors Against Illegal Guns (Imagine, if you will, the kind of traction Mayors In Support of Illegal Guns would get) has been very clear on the sort of strict control he’d like to have over guns in this city.

So it’s kind of interesting that the NYPD’s spent bullet casings are bought up, loaded with new rounds, and sold for cheap, no questions asked. The New York Times reports that a Georgia ammunition store, Georgia Arms, has purchased over 28,000 pounds in casings last June from the city. Usually this sort of purchase is made by a scrap metal company.

It bears mentioning that Georgia Arms only sells ammunition, not weapons, and as the Times reports, has never been the subject of any criminal investigation. But not selling your casings to an ammo factory is a great way to avoid being called a hypocrite.

(Photo: geojanitor/Flickr)