What If All Ads in Times Square Were Replaced With Art?

Times Square Art Square just got more real, rolling out a brand new Kickstarter and appointing Hrag Vartanian as Chief Curator!

Can you imagine the “Crossroads of the World” free of its iconic blaring billboards replaced with dynamic works of art for a month each year? The unprecedented exposure of art and mainstream culture? The echo it would send around the world? So, if you tingled when Robert Wilson’s bizarre video portraits made a blip of an appearance in Times Square, just you wait. Because I… can’t… wait…

Working to “transform the world’s largest advertising space into the world’s largest exhibition space,” project mastermind Justus Bruns and Times Square Art Square (TSAS) are this much closer. The Kickstarter campaign moneys will go towards commissioned art, city permits, infrastructure, insurance, administration, security, etc.

With renowned critic and writer Hrag Vartanian as Chief Curator and the Dutch-Brazilian artist Rafaël Rozendaal as the first artist to join Art Square 2013… Yeah, hold on, check this:

It’s going to be awesome. Let’s make everyone go, “Ooh!”, “Woah!” or at least… “Whaaa?”