What the Hell Is a Damien Hirst Baby Monitor?

The Beckhams have one, naturally, and naturally, it’s the most expensive baby monitor in the world. It’s got butterflies on them. Like the Hirst lawn chairs. Posh also sent Hirst her pair of Manolo Blahnik ankle boots, which he had spotted with some spots and signed “Posh boots for a Posh bird.” They’re worth more than $400,000 and are kept in a glass case at the Beckhams’ Los Angeles mansion. That’s it. I give up, because I’ve had it all wrong. Clearly, Damien Hirst has given up on making art objects and has devoted himself fully to the endurance performance of obnoxious enfant terrible with conceptually mystifying powers of getting modern day royalty to ca$h out for any be-spotted, bugged old thing. Years ago. Bravo.